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Crewel work is traditionally done in the northern Indian region of Kashmir. The base cloth is known as desooti, and the embroidery is done in pure wool. There are many different qualities of crewel, the most common being loose single ply crewel. The Kohinor crewel is probably the finest crewel work available, embroidered by people usually given to making fine carpets. The work is very detailed, and with using two ply wool, it is extremely time consuming to make. As a result, the fabric is not cheap, but it is particularly beautiful and worth every penny.

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kohinor crewelwork information

Care Instructions:
Warm iron, dry clean only.

Composition: 100% Cotton Embroidery
Collection: Kohinor
Width: 137 cm
Vertical Repeat: 84 cm
Country of Origin: India

£130 per metre




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