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I just love my new custom made porch on our Linen Lace and Patchwork showroom, utterly transforming it. Made from recycled sustainable timber, hand-routed barge boards, with red cedar shingle roof, architectural re-claim ridge tiles. Newel posts. Lined with tongue and groove. Incorporating novel features such as built-in bird box and perch. Works carried out by Gibson & Sons Ltd - specialist carpenters and builders for the discerning customer who wants bespoke empathetic design, something unique and cares about the planet.

Gibson & Sons can undertake any commission from ornate hen houses and runs, cat runs, dog kennels, beehive composters, to bespoke conservatories, garden offices for working from home with full broadband set up, pergola's, garden lighting, adironrack chairs, garden landscaping, fountains and water features, fish ponds, garden tables, barbecue areas, decking, tree houses and wendy houses to full extensions, garage conversions, bespoke kitchen and bathroom fitting and much much more.

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In this age of recycling I can't think of any one activity more satisfying than recycling kitchen and garden waste. but the compost bins on offer from garden centres are plasticky, ugly and not something I want on display. Having given it some thought, this is our take on the wooden Bee hive Composter.

I love colour and design as you may well have realised on visiting my web-site, home and garden. So wanted this theme to continue in the garden. And, no more lugging - expensive - council green waste refuse bags out to the bin men. This is a good source of compost.

We use pressure- treated ethically-sourced timber for our hand-crafted Beehive Composters made by local skilled carpenters.

Beehive composters are available in: Natural (unpainted) or hand-painted on the outside with two coats of Cuprinol 'Garden Shades' in any of the shade shown below or for a lovely custom seaside theme why not have stripes. We have the basic model or a really pretty faux Victorian model with routing and decoration.


Bee Hive Composter

24" x 24" £145

Hand made wooden Beehive composter using ethically-sourced timber from sustainable regions.

Shown here painted with Jasmine and Forget me Not shades paint by Cuprinol



cuprinol 'shades' chart



What you can compost What you can't compost
Lawn mowings Coke and Coal ash (poisonous for the soil)
Old flowers Food leftovers (attract vermin)
Cardboard torn into small pieces Meat
Egg boxes and toilet roll middles Dairy products
Soft annual weeds Thick branches (macerate and use for mulch)
Wood ash Disposable nappies
Eggshells Faeces
Sawdust Perennial weeds
Shredded paper Diseased plants
Teabags and coffee grounds
Newspaper torn into pieces
Pet bedding  
Horse manure  
Hedge trimmings

Anything can be composted, though not meat or bread as they encourage vermin and foxes - or dairy products with the exception of egg-shells. Lawn mowings, leaves, annual weeds, hedge clippings, old flowers. Anything that was once living will compost, but some items are best avoided. For best results, use a mixture of types of ingredient interspersed with layers of torn newpaper, toilet roll middles to create air. make sure the composter is sited on bare earth. a good tip to speed the composting process is to put a piece of old carpet over the top to encourage worms and hasten the composting process.

The right balance is something learnt by experience, but a rough guide is to use equal amounts by volume of greens and browns (see below). Some things, like grass mowings and soft young weeds, rot quickly. They work as 'activators', getting the composting started, but on their own will decay to a smelly mess. Older and tougher plant material is slower to rot but gives body to the finished compost - and usually makes up the bulk of a compost heap. Woody items decay very slowly; they are best chopped or shredded first, where appropriate.

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