Just a few of the many ideas for decorating a childrens bedroom or nursery both boy's and girl's, for a comprehensive range of childrens duvet covers, bedspreads and curtains, baby cot quilts, cot bumpers

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Scroll down the page to find different decorating ideas that put together unusual colour schemes using home furnishings in a unique way. For a virtual feast to the eye see our full range of luxury bedspreads, bedding, cushions, kitchen accessories and curtains visit our website
girls bedroom decor ideas

On the girls bed is Summertime duvet set with matching cushion and butterfly rug . Set of pink love heart fluffy lights , Princess canopy also available in barbie pink, lilac or ivory. Flokati fur heart cushion in lilac. Cot patchwork quilt laying at foot of bed.

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boy's bedroom decor ideas

Boys bedroom decor has All at Sea duvet set, with matching red lifebelt cushion and ship rug, Dinosaur cushion. Spellbound star cushion . On the wall Luvvie bedspread . Blue check lined readymade curtains at window Bahia.

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pink room

shocking pink canopy

pink canopy velvet and mesh striped door curtains; various cushions. Right: Ruby bedspread, large Rose cushions; Flora lined curtains; flower bath mat ; velvet beaded cushions; reefer blind from £25; Bede cushion large; voile panels 90" drop

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pink patchwork quilt with striped curtains and floral curtains

royal blue and gold room

royal blue velvet with gold braid bedspread

Rich royal blue velvet bedspreads used to stunning effect . Window treatment using gold velvet and gold embroidered bedspreads. Teardrop embroidered gold silk fabric shot with rich russet for dramatic window drape per metre.

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striking display of rich royal blue velvet with gold damask braid
silk taffeta window treatment

On bed, Versailles blue and gold cushion.

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japanese room

Rush mats on floor available in different sizes China plates. Bowl and chopsticks. Vases. Tea-light candle-holder. Japanese cushion covers. Window fabric 'Suva' re, Wall hanging 'Palm' , on the floor large black PVC slouch chair that wraps around your body: incredibly comfortable . Black Suede floor cushion. Chair courtesy Bi-Design POA.

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japanese influence furnishings
oriental studies

Yellow and Green room

Our latest endeavour is something we had great fun doing: This is a timeless colour combination and never fails to please. Freshness, sunshine and joy.

yellow and gree home furnishings

Duvet cover Ashdown double £49.99, yellow chenille tasselled throw £30. Everest voile scarves 7metre £30. Chrome wardrobe £80. Lily of the Valley voile curtains from £15 each.

Chelsea appliqued single quilt on wall £125. Yellow Medusa cushion £40. Bath sheet 600gm in Banana £19. Contemporary metal chair hand-forged by Bi-Design POA..

yellow and green home furnishings decor

blue room

'Cottage Garden' blue and yellow hand quilted patchwork bedspread.

Selection white lace doilies, tissue box covers, lavender bags, table runners, napkins and laundry bags' Lace page.

blue and yellow display of home furnishings Versailles velvet cushions £20; velvet daisy cushion £20; other cushions poa Depicted left Yarmouth embroidered yacht
blue and white home furnishings On bed 'Yarmouth' quilted bedspread. Versailles velvet cushions £20; velvet daisy cushion £20; other cushions poa Depicted left Yarmouth embroidered yachts patchwork quilt single £60. Jaipur tab-top curtains at window blue from £45 pair. Voile curtain on wall 'Peco' in pale blue with silver design. Next to it 'Blue Daisy' tabtop curtain £20 panel.


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linen lace and patchwork

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