How to make an opulently decadent four-poster bed stunning home decor ideas for your bedroom

Scroll down the page to find different decorating ideas that put together unusual colour schemes using home furnishings in a unique way. For a virtual feast to the eye see our full range of luxury bedspreads, bedding, cushions, kitchen accessories and curtains. Depicted are some of the room-settings in our old first floor showrooms in Leigh on Sea. I have included these as many of the layouts are still surprisingly valid and useful for innovative ideas for your home decor.


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the opulence of a slightly decadent red bedroom

decadence in luxury silks, velvets and satins daringly mixed with leopard prints. We hope you enjoy viewing these rooms as much as we did working on them.

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red combined with leopard print voile curtains

Stunning four-poster effect achieved with curtain poles and tie-backs designed by Celia Gibson.

Firstly screw four cup-hooks into the ceiling at the four corners of the bed.. Make sure you have a strong fix as there will be considerable weight on them if you use heavy fabrics like velvet.

She had the brainwave of using heavy tiebacks to hang the poles from which looked very effective.


burgundy velvet with leopard print voile curtains
red satin and velvet We used wine crushed velvet curtains tab-top curtains mixed with leopard print voiles. This worked because we used the contrasting fabrics with French Antiques. The finished effect was stunning. wine velvets with animal print curtains
four poster effect with velvet curtains

We dressed the bed with rich burgundy red satin bedspreads and a mix of leopard print faux fur, satin and velvet cushions to bring the look together.

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leopard print voiles
red and gold velvet with leopard print curtains

Canopy effect

For a canopy half-tester bed effect just two brass 5' poles were used, one fixed to the wall the other from the ceiling approximately 4' from the walll.

Gold velvet sari throws were then hung from the poles with the use of brass leaf ring clips £2 each. A big antique French chandelier finishes off the look perfectly.



stunning fur throws used with silk bed hangings The four-poster has throws used as curtains. On the bed is gorgeous champagne satin double bedspread withh matching duvet covers and curtains. The canopy was made using Ashley Wilde silk fabric. On the armchairs (junk shop find) are faux suede fur-trimmed reversible throws.made curtains. silk window treatment
silk window treatment

The ceiling had three huge industrial fluorsescent tube units left from when it was an office: quite hideous so I asked my son Toby to cover the whole ceiling with voile, tenting it. We used curtain poles and a staple gun (my best friend for a quick makeover) to drape the fabric over.

The effect was stunning and much cheaper than replastering the ceiling and putting in new lights.


wall hanging
Faux-fur throw on bed Arctic Fox, Silk velvet cushion with maribou fur trim £38. For more like this visit our new website silk bed dressing
white four poster with taupe bed hangings and fur throw

The four-poster bed was an ugly pine monster but we it painted it white and with the judicious use of our beautiful stock utterly transformed it.

The floor had a nauseous office carpet on it which we ripped up. I painted all the floorboards white throughout the first floor, which cause a few raised eyebrows because nobody was doing anything like that back the.


the chocolate brown room

On the bed satin bedspread Chocolat shams each. At the window gorgeous faux suede panels with metal eyelets Harrison curtains and leopard print voile curtains.

Chocolate faux suede fur-trimmed throw. Cushion . Faux suede runners shown in chocolate, caramel and ivory.



the lilac room

antique french bed with mauve contemporary decor

Another French antique bed dressed with white percale 200 thread count lavender embroidered duvet cover and oxford pillowcases.

Laundry bag over footboard. Chrome wardrobe dressing white cotton voile curtains and various cushions

lilac decor with french antique bed and chrome furniture
lilac and white patchwork quilt


For this room we used alternate length of white and lilac pleated voile for the ceiling.

White and lilac patchwork quilt and shams with fuschia pink lame cushions for a bit of a la camp.

lilac and white striped curtains and matching bedding White four-poster with Lavender voile tab-tops as hangings. Bar code and spot voile. Lilac satin Pearl quilted bedspread reversing to pink used as throw over Art Deco chair. Lilac gingham check fabric used as curtain panels . Mother of pearl button Pink cushion. Bar code curtain fabric. Base of bed bolster pillow with white lace bolster pillowcase. mauve and lilac bedspread
lilac and mauve spots


This was probably my favourite ceiling and window treatment as it was gloriously over the top .

And guaranteed a few satisfying gasps from customers when they walked in

Dramatic giant mauve and fuschia pink spot and bar-code striped voile tented ceiling. Matching window dressing


lilac and pink spots
lilac window treatment

On the French antique bed is a range of embroidered 100% cotton percale Lavender bedding, duvet cover, flat sheets, pillowcases which come in a cuffed housewife, oxford and Euro sizing, for similar detail in duvet covers.

There are many matching accessories including Laundry bags, toilet bags, tissue box covers, toilet roll holders, lavender bags in our lace page, voile tab-top curtains and cushion covers. Embroidered hand-quilted bedspread can be viewed in patchwork quilts pages Bolster at base of bed double c/w lace cover.

lavender bed linen on a French antique bed
mixing antique with contemporary in an exciting new way Stunning room layout with old rocking horse, lilac and white crinkled voile tented ceiling, chrome wardrobes and edgy contempory metal chairs. To demonstrate how well antique and contemporary can come together.
lilac and white patchwork bedspread Exquisite hand-quilted silk velvet bedspread in rich mauve double £195. Bead-fringed throw/tablecloth. Various beaded velvet. Fort Worth very pretty quilt in patchwork squares: double. Feather bolster pillow available up to superking sizing POA with heavy schiffli lace bolster pillow case.. mauve velvet bedspread
lilac and white voile tented ceiling treatment White four-poster with Lavender voile tab-tops as hangings. Bar code and spot voile. Lilac gingham check fabric used as curtain panels . Mother of pearl button Pink cushion. Bar code curtain fabric. purple net bed canopy

Display of mauve silk hand quilted bedspread and shell pink silk satin bedspread.

Lilac and pink satin bedspread used as throw over Art Deco armchair.

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silk velvet and silk satin bedspreads
purple net bed canopy Purple net canopy purple duvet cover
window display by celia gibson display artist Window displays courtesy Celia Gibson - designer window display

the mauve room

rich aubergines, mauves and purple bedspreads

Mauve silk velvet quilted bedspread on French antique bed £320. Embroidered comforter. Raphael hand-quilted bedspread on wall. Large aubergine velvet appliqued cushion. Right hand picture satin and embroidered bedspread on wall double .

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the red room

rich reds and golds

Fairmount red and gold velvet and damask patchwork quilt single. Gold elephant cushion. French bolster retro on black. Wine red and gold design bolster. Striped velvet and taffeta cushion. Suede floor cushion. Embroidered voile cloth on top.

Selection animal print voile tab-top curtains. Gold velvet bedspread as canopy

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the gold room

wolf leopard and cheetah faux fur throw display with faux fur cushions Display of wolf faux fur throws and matching faux fur cushions with cream cotton pouffe. gold sari bed canopy
canopy effect with gold sari velvet

Ultimate in sensuality: imaginative use of gold velvet throws with antique sari gold braid, fur throws and cushions combine with French antique bed and gilt chandelier to exotic effect. Double bedspread. Fur throw double. Velvet/black satin zebra throw.

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gold velvet bedspread and canopy effect
gold velvet and sari   tapestry wall hangings and animal print voile tab top curtains
gold sari and gold silk satin bedspread

Window length of richly coloured two-tone teardrop embroidered silk draping around window frame metre. Elephant bean bag in black and gold. Leopard and tiger print voile tab top curtainseach. Gilt sun mirrors. Voile tab-top curtains Tiger print.

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black and gold bedroom decor
gold window display by celia gibson - display artist

Window display by Celia Gibson

Display of leopard and tiger print voile curtains. Tapestry wall hanging

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tapestry wall hanging with leopard and tiger print voile curtains
sumptuous range of silk satin bedspreads For more like this visit our new website gold satin bedspread
gold mirror For more like this visit our new website antique lamp and mirrors

the cream room

cream and gold showroom he latest addition to our showroom dressed by Celia - display artist to the stars, artfully displaying some of our newest lines in bedding, cushions and curtains. Silver leaf mirro 19th c french chandelier; leather and jute cushion on bed; gold sari velvet throws; african tribal prints. Heavy lined curtains floribunda*; leopard fur throw and cushion; teardrop embroidered tonic silk swag geneva bedspread; canopy made from 2 gold sari velvet throws and tablecloth tapestry curtains
gold velvet throws and bedspread

Navy blue and gold tapestry wall hanging.

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tapestry wall hanging
range of faux fur throws and cushions

Chenille silk braided bedspread, wonderful on an antique bed, silk velvet and feather trim cushion £38. Silk velvet beaded cushion . gold sequinned cushion . Arctic fox cushion cover .

Fabulous display of sumptuous fur throws.. Cushion covers. Chandeliers .

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chenille damask bedspread


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